Download Songr 2 Updated for Windows

The Songr program (now Songr 2) is one of the best known solutions among Brazilians for downloading music, listening to music and knowing more about their favorite artists and bands. It has several features that make it quite good and that many people claim to be the best program to download songs they have ever found. THE

Notebook with tec3ad6 desc6nf5g4rad6, What to do?


If you entered this article you probably have these two things: A notebook; And this with the keyboard unconfigured (or now tec3ad6 desc6nf5g4rad6); It is common in notebooks this "problem" to happen, having to be one with a compact keyboard. In other words, you can not have those numbers on the right side as you may have already seen

How to Create a Windows 10 Bootable Pendrive


If you have ever formatted a PC, maybe you even did it with a CD already with Windows in it all ready. Nowadays, CD / DVD has been less and less used and the alternative that came up (which has also been used more) is the use of a pendrive. However, even

How to Know and See Who Follows Me on Facebook

How do you know facebook follow me?

If you think that only Facebook friends are deceived, there are also followers, who will receive all their posts in the feed (if not your friend, they will only see the public posts). Since long enough that when a person sends you a request for friendship, it automatically follows you immediately,

How to Send Music or Audio Through WhatsApp WEB


There are a lot of people who use WhatsApp Web a lot to have their conversations with other people, especially in places where it is not appropriate to be moving a lot on the cell phone, like at work for example. A question that comes to some people is how to send music (mp3) or even just audios like they usually do

How to Delete Photo from Instagram by PC [2 Methods]


If you are a user of Instagram, which is one of the most used social networks these days, it is possible that you will ever need to delete photos from your account and do not have access to or can not access your cell phone. People who use Instagram as a way of working, professionally,

[EASY] How to Remove / Remove Windows 10 Password


For those people who do not want to be always putting their password when they turn on the PC, either because they never remember the password, because the computer is personal and not worth it, they want to start faster, etc ... This article is for those same. In fact, it is a fairly simple process that can

Best Free Anti-Malware (Removers)


Malware is one of the worst problems you can have on your PC. There are several types and they are all created to harm anyone who has them on your PC, from unwanted advertisements, spying on what you do, trying to take control of the computer, etc ... There is a lack of information on how to remove and many

Best Travel Apps Good and Safe


Nowadays there are already thousands and thousands of applications that were designed to help a tourist on a trip in the most varied aspects and others were not created specifically for these people but can be equally useful. And it's even those apps that we'll see in this article. All that technology has facilitated in a